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Authentic, hand-drawn Lithuanian cards from 1930

“Gedimino Stulpai” 

Authentic, hand-drawn Lithuanian cards from 1930

Every year during the interwar period (1919 - 1938) the Lithuanian government would hold a competition, where artists would compete to draw a beautiful, symbolic deck of cards. “Gedimno Stulpai” is one of the winning decks.

The cards were hand-drawn by an unknown Lithuanian artist and printed in 1930. They were used as state symbol and include people in national costumes. They depict Gediminas – a famous Grand Duke of Lithuania and the founder of Vilnius – Lithuania’s capital.

Last summer I got obsessed with “Gedimino Stulpai” and tracked down one of the last remaining copies. I want to bring back these cards to and for that I need you support on Kickstarter - in return you will get one of these beautiful card decks! 

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